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Welcome to After The Storm Emergency Managment

After The Storm Emergency Management has been responding to natural disasters since 1998. ATS deploys highly trained teams of disaster recovery specialist to areas struck by hurricanes, floods and tornado. Our teams are equipped with the most advanced restoration and recovery equipment in the industry. CAT Teams are strategically staged and ready to deploy within hours after an event. It’s this speed and flexibility that sets ATS apart from others in the industry. Our teams are only a phone call away 888-4-911-Dry (888-491-1373).

Our Services

Water Removal

Damage Evaluation


Odor Control

Strucral Drying

Mold Testing

Moisture Mapping

Mold Remediation

Thermal Imaging

Free Consultation

Is It Really Dry?

With Thermal Imaging you will know for sure. It is a CAT Scan For Your Property.